Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle

You can visit Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle in a day. Samurai in Sengoku Period had constructed these two mountain castles to protect the Tono Area.

Since Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle are far from major train stations, we use a car to visit these magnificent castle ruins.

We offer a day tour from Nagoya and other cities. From Kyoto and Osaka, you can take Shinkansen to Gifu-Hashima Station. then we pick you up there.

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Naegi Castle

Naegi Castle is located on Mt. Takamori (432 meters), which rises on the right bank of the Kiso River. Its most distinctive feature is its stone walls that incorporate natural giant rocks. Because of its location on a rocky mountain and the difficulty of securing a site, the kakezukuri style of building was used to construct the castle, which effectively utilizes the natural terrain.

Naegi Castle is a mountain castle built by Toyama Naokado during the Warring States Period as an extension of the Takamoriyama Fortress. Toyama Naokado was the second son of Toyama Kagetomo, lord of Iwamura Castle, who was adopted into the Toyama family of Naegi and entered Naegi Castle, and Iwamura Castle was taken over by his elder brother, Toyama Kagetomo.

Toyama Naokado died of illness. Then his family member Toyama Tomokatsu became the lord of Naegi Castle at the order of Oda Nobunaga. After the Honnoji Incident, the castle was attacked by Mori Nagayoshi. Mori Nagayoshi was aiming to unify the East Mino area, and fell. Kawajiri Hidenaga entered Naegi Castle. But he was killed in the Battle of Fushimi Castle, a prelude to the Battle of Sekigahara, in which he served in the western army. Later, Toyama Tomokatsu recaptured Naegi Castle, and the Toyama family continued as the Naegi clan throughout the Edo period.

Iwamura Castle

Iwamura Castle is famous for its stone walls and is considered one of the three great mountain castles in Japan.

During the Warring States period, the Oda and Takeda sides fought over Iwamura Castle. When the Takeda attacked in 1558, the Oda sent Akechi Mitsuhide to fight back. 1571 saw Oda Nobunaga’s aunt Otsuya-no-Mitsuhide, wife of the late castle lord Toyama Kage-no-michi, effectively take over as the castle’s lord. So the castle became known for its female lord. Otsuya-no-Mikoto was later crucified by Oda Nobunaga in 1575 for turning to Takeda, an enemy of Oda Nobunaga.

The time required to climb Iwamura Castle depends on the person. But it is safe to assume that it is a one-hour walk from the base of the castle. So the round-trip time for climbing the Iwamura Castlte will be about 2 hours. The tour of Iwamura Castle Town usually takes about one hour. And if you want to look in stores or have lunch, please add that time to your visit.

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