Magome-Tsumago from Takayama

If you are staying in Takayama and want to visit Magome and Tsumago on the Nakasendo Highway, it is not that easy. There are mountains between Takayama and Magome/Tsumago, no highways, and no public transportation.

If you were to hire a chauffeur-driven car, the daily cost would exceed 100,000 yen and most drivers do not speak English. If you employ a guide, then it becomes almost 150,000 yen.

Guide drives a car

What we would like you to consider is the use of a car driven by a guide from Takayama. In Japan, guides are not allowed to charge any fees other than the actual cost of the car (fuel, highway tolls, parking fees, maintenance, etc.) when they take guests on tours by car. Therefore, using a car driven by a guide allows you to conduct tours at a discount.

The vehicle to be used will either be owned by the guide or rented by the guide in Takayama. Also, in Japan, a regular driver’s license only allows us to drive a car with a capacity of up to 10 passengers. Therefore, we cannot provide service for large groups. For large groups, buses must be chartered from a bus company.

Typical itinerary

Magome-Tsumago hiking

If you like to walk from Magome to Tsumago, then itinerary is like this.

8:30 am depart from your hotel
11:00 arrive at Magome, sightseeing and early lunch. While you are strolling or taking lunch in Magome, the guide goes to Tsumago and leaves the car there.
12:00 start hiking
15:00 arrive at Tsumago, stroll around Tsumago
16:00 leave for Takayama
18:30 arrive at your hotel in Takayama

The distance between two post towns is 9km. It usually takes at least 3 hours.

Please check this page for a course guide.

Magome-Tsumago by car

If you don’t hike and move from Magome to Tsumago by car, then the itinerary is like this.

9:00 am depart from your hotel
11:30 arrive at Magome, sightseeing and lunch
13:30 depart by car
14:00 arrive at Tsumago, sightseeing
15:30 leave for Takayama
18:00 arrive at your hotel in Takayama

Price of the tour

In the case of hiking, the guide must take a taxi from Tsumago to Magome and back to retrieve the car. That is why the hiking is more expensive.

by car
Child safety seats are available for an additional fee.

These prices include a car, fuel, parking fees, guide fees and some other expenses. Meals, admissions, etc. are not included.

If you are staying in a hotel in Gero Onsen, or you can come to Gero Onsen Station by train, then the prices will be lower. If you are staying in other places such as Matsumoto, please inquire.


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