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  • Gujo Hachiman

    Gujo Hachiman

    An enjoyable course with much to see and do in the old town of Gujo Hachiman. The castle and the river are both beautiful. There is no shortage of food. Gujo Hachiman is a beautiful town with the clear waters of the Nagara River and its tributary, the Yoshida River. It is known for its…

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  • Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle

    Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle

    You can visit Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle in a day. Samurai in Sengoku Period had constructed these two mountain castles to protect the Tono Area. Since Naegi Castle and Iwamura Castle are far from major train stations, we use a car to visit these magnificent castle ruins. We offer a day tour from Nagoya…

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  • Nakijin Castle

    Nakijin Castle

    Tours that visit Nakijin Castle Nakijin Castle is one of Okinawa’s World Heritage Sites. It is about 110 km away from Naha Airport. So it is recommended to take a tour from Naha City. Castle’s official WEB site. Introduction Nakijin Castle, located in the northern part of Okinawa Island, is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.…

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