Mt Fuji tour from Tokyo

Destinations of Mt Fuji tours from Tokyo

There are two main types of destinations for Mt Fuji tour departing from Tokyo to view the majestic mountain. One is to the north of Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi Prefecture) to Lake Kawaguchi (Fuji Five Lakes area). The other is to the south of Mt. Fuji (Kanagawa Prefecture) to Hakone and Lake Ashi. Of course, there are also tours that take you around both of these areas in a single day, but they can be very busy.

Mt. Fuji Arakurayama Sengen Jinja

Mt Fuji tour from Tokyo Klook

Klook sells many Mt Fuji tours from Tokyo. These are just best seller tours.

Mt Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo

Mt. Fuji and Hakone Pirate Ship One Day Tour from Tokyo

Mount Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo or Shinjuku

Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi Scenic Spots Day Tour from Tokyo

Mt. Fuji View & Gotemba Premium Outlets One Day Tour from Tokyo

Viator tours

Viator also provides several Mt Fuji tours from Tokyo.

Private Mt Fuji Tour from Tokyo: Scenic BBQ and Hidden Gems: This tour also includes a stop at Aokigahara Forest.

Mt Fuji, Hakone Lake Ashi Cruise Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo: Very popular tour. Over 5,000 people have participated.

Mt. Fuji Day Trip Bus Tour from Tokyo: You can take beautiful photos at Chureito Pagoda, which boasts the iconic view often featured on Japan postcards and that is all over social media

Mount Fuji Private Day Tour With English Speaking Driver: This is a private tour so the car comes to your hotel in Tokyo.

Mt Fuji and Hakone 1-Day Bus Tour return by Bus: You can enjoy Hakone and Lake Ashi.

Lake Kawaguchi (Fuji Five Lakes area) tours from Tokyo

These are the most affordable option and are perfect for those who are short on time. They typically include round-trip transportation from Tokyo, a visit to one or two of the Fuji Five Lakes (such as Lake Kawaguchi or Lake Yamanaka), and a stop at the 5th Station of Mt Fuji. Some tours may also include a visit to a traditional Japanese village or a sake brewery.

If you are interested in Aokigahara Forest tours, then choose a tour that visits the Fuji Five Lakes area. Though, not many of them visit Aokigahara.

Hakone and Lake Ashi tours from Tokyo

This type of Mt Fuji tours are typically covering Lake Ashi, a scenic cruise, Owakudani Valley’s geothermal wonders, and a glimpse of Mount Fuji. Immerse yourself in the relaxation of Hakone’s hot springs, followed by a tranquil cruise on Lake Ashi, offering picturesque views of Mount Fuji and surrounding mountains.

There are two types of tours. One use the Shinkansen bullet train on the way and the other use a car directly from Tokyo.

Five lakes area and Hakone, circulating tour from Tokyo

Explore Lake Kawaguchi or another of the Fuji Five Lakes, known for their reflection of Mount Fuji, before venturing to Hakone for a hot spring soak or a vibrant boat ride. On this type of tours, if you are lucky, you can view Mt. Fuji from both the north and south sides.







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