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  • Fuji tour from Tokyo

    Fuji tour from Tokyo

    Destinations of Mt Fuji tours from Tokyo There are two main types of destinations for Mt Fuji tour departing from Tokyo to view the majestic mountain. One is to the north of Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi Prefecture) to Lake Kawaguchi (Fuji Five Lakes area). The other is to the south of Mt. Fuji (Kanagawa Prefecture) to…

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  • Aokigahara Forest tours from Tokyo

    Aokigahara Forest tours from Tokyo

    How to get to aokigahara forest? Aokigahara Forest tours Avoid exploring deep into Aokigahara Forest by yourselves. It is very dangerous. Go there always with a guide. The most recommended tour is the Aokigahara Nature Conservation Full-Day Hiking Tour. Although the fee is high, no other tour offers as deep an insight into the nature…

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