Aokigahara Forest tours near Mt. Fuji

Aokigahara Forest tours

Avoid exploring deep into Aokigahara Forest by yourselves. It is highly dangerous. Go there always with a guide.

There are some Aokigahara Forest tours available. “Trekking Experience of Aokigahara Sea Of Trees and Caves Exploration” is an example. Aokigahara Forest tours depart from Lake Kawaguchiko area. From Tokyo, you take either train or bus to Kawagushiko, then join in an Aokigahara Forest tour.

  1. By Train: Take a train from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station using the JR Chuo Line. From Otsuki Station, transfer to the Fujikyu Railway Line and take a train to Kawaguchiko Station. The entire journey takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes and costs around 3,500 yen.
  2. By Bus: Take a direct bus from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station to Kawaguchiko Station. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs around 1,750 yen. There are also buses that run from other parts of Tokyo, such as Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, and Tokyo Disney Resort.

Ready-made Aokigahara forest tours

About Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Sea of Trees or Suicide Forest, is a dense forest located at the northwest base of Mount Fuji. The forest covers an area of approximately 35 square kilometers and is known for its natural beauty and for being the site of numerous suicides.

Aokigahara Forest tours
Aokigahara Forest with Mt. Fuji

Aokigahara Forest has a long and complicated history in Japanese culture. In ancient times, the forest was believed to be the home of demons and spirits, and it was considered a place of great danger. In more recent times, the forest has become known as a place where people go to end their lives.

Despite its negative reputation, Aokigahara Forest is also known for its natural beauty and unique features. The forest is home to a number of rare plant and animal species, including the Japanese serow, a goat-like creature that is native to the area. The forest also has a network of caves and underground rivers that make it a popular destination for hikers and explorers.



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