Snow monkey tours

Japanese macaques  are often known as “snow monkeys”. This is the primate that lives most northerly areas on the earth except human being. In Japan, they are often found in snowy mountains.

Uniqueness of snow monkeys in Jigokudani parki near Nagano is that the monkeys soak themselves in natural hot springs. This can be seen only in this place although monkeys are living throughout Japan except Hokkaido Island.

Tours to Snow Monkey Park

Most of the tours that visit Snow Monkey Park either depart from Tokyo or Nagano Stations. Nagano is connected with Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train, so you can take tours from Nagano as well.

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Tours from Tokyo to Snow Monkey Park

There are a few tours departing from Tokyo area to visit Snow Monkey Park. Please check them from here.

Tours from Nagano to Snow Monkey Park

If you come to Nagano by yourself, then there are more choices to visit Snow Monkey Park.