Snow monkey tours from Tokyo

Do you like to see famous snow monkeys? Well, “snow” monkeys are in winter only, and in other seasons, they are just wild monkeys. Combination of snow monkey tour and a visit to Zenkoji Temple can make a good day trip in Nagano.

Snow monkey tours operated as package tour from Tokyo, Nagano, etc.

Following snow monkey tours are operated regularly. Please check the tours you are interested in. Follow this link for the latest list of snow monkey tours. Snow monkey tours from Tokyo are available but limited in number. From Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, you can just go to Nagano then take a tour from Nagano Station.

Snow monkey tour from Tokyo

Some snow monkey tours are available from Tokyo. However, days may be limited or it’s too expensive for solo travelers. If you cannot find a snow monkey tour from Tokyo that suits to you, we recommend you to get Shinkansen to Nagano Station, then join in a tour starting from Nagano Station. Spend a night in Nagano can also be a fun. Shinkansen tickets are available online.

Snow monkey tours from Nagano Station

These are snow monkey tours starting from Nagano Station. Ideal for those who stay in Nagano City. If you are in Tokyo, you may take Shinkansen to go to Nagano. Taking Shinkansen train that departs before 8:00 am from Tokyo Station, you can reach to Nagano Station before 9:30 am. Then you can join in a day tour from Nagano Station to visit snow monkey park.