Ryukyu Mura

Ryukyu Mura is a tourist village that preserves and reproduces the culture and traditions of Okinawa ( Click here for the Ryukyu Mura website ).

Tours to Ryukyu Mura

There are not many tours that visit Ryukyu Mura. If you like to visit Ryukyu Mura by your own, please find the place on Google Map.

Our visit to Ryukyu Mura

To tell the truth, Ryukyu Mura was not on our schedule until we arrived in Okinawa. The Okinawa Best Guide I bought in advance and used as a reference (however, my family had the 2008 edition) did not include explanations about Ryukyu Mura.

About Okinawa, I got a discount coupon from a travel agency and learned about the existence of Okinawa Village for the first time. The location is Onna village, but it is a little inland and a bit far from the area where beach resorts are lined up. My family rented a car and stopped by on the way to Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort where we were planning to stay.

The entrance looks like a tourist facility, with shops and other items lined up indoors, but once you pay the entrance fee and go inside, it’s made to look like an Okinawan village.


The concept of Ryukyu Mura is that you can see and experience the culture and traditions of Okinawa, and the photo below shows water buffalo milking sugar cane.


This is a reproduction of a farmhouse. A rag house is a barn with a real goat in it. Come to think of it, goats are a treat in Okinawa. Pigs are famous, but I didn’t know about goats until recently.


Some of these private houses have been built, and most of them have music and handicraft demonstrations.


Below is an outdoor event that reproduces Okinawan songs, dances, and festivals. Eisa was quite powerful, and I had time to participate and dance, so I enjoyed it.


Perhaps there are other facilities similar to Ryukyu Mura. However, my family enjoyed this Ryukyu village quite a bit and liked it.






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