Neopark Okinawa, Nago Natural Zoological and Botanical Park

Neopark Okinawa in Nago is surprisingly fun to go out with children. It’s a bit rustic and not very sophisticated, but my two young children especially love it.

Naopark Okinawa
Naopark Okinawa

African birds greet us. African crested ibis, crowned crane, spoonbill, etc. They approach in groups to beg for food. These birds are quite large, so small children are scared of them.

Naopark Okinawa
Naopark Okinawa

In the Latin America zone, such a vivid heart-shaped ibis approaches, begging for food.


Some peacocks are accustomed to eating food directly.

In addition, there are various zones (for a fee) where you can come into direct contact with animals.

My eldest son, who was 10 years old then, said “it’s enough”, but the younger ones seemed to be having fun, so we would probably come again next time.



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