Visit Manatee House at the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park

A corner of the Okinawa Ocean Expo Memorial Park , there is a Manatee Pavilion a little closer to the coast of the Churaumi Aquarium. The manatee is a member of the dugong that lives in the Atlantic Ocean, and is a mammal that is said to be the origin of the mermaid legend. I wonder why there is no exhibition of dugongs that live around Japan, but I think it is rare to see dugongs in other aquariums, even though there are manatees in other aquariums. Is it about Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture?

Anyway, the Manatee House is famous for being the first in Japan to successfully breed manatees. You can also watch a video of a manatee giving birth inside the museum. If you ask what else you can see, it’s just the place where manatees are feeding… Well, the entrance fee is free…

Manatee with a silly face


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