Churaumi Aquarium

We have visited Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa . The large tanks at the Churaumi Aquarium, where whale sharks and manta rays swim, were very impressive. Children who had always wanted to see whale sharks were also very satisfied.

The distance from the Ocean Expo Park parking lot to the aquarium is unexpectedly large, making it a little difficult for small children. However, the aquarium was amazing and made me forget about that fatigue. We stayed in front of the large tank for more than 30 minutes. Without saying anything, just look at the picture below.

Churaumi Aquarium

There are three whale sharks in the large tank of the Churaumi Aquarium, but it is difficult to fit all of them into the lenes at once. That’s how big the water tank is. The photo below is the sticky result. The head of the first whale shark has been cut off. disappointing.

Whale Sharks at Churaumi

It’s not just the whale sharks photogenic. There are also manta rays. My second son loves manta rays.

マンタ オニイトマキエイ

Some of the large tanks in the Churaumi Aquarium also have a place where you can enter the bottom. Whale sharks and manta rays pass overhead.

Churaumi Aquarium is very popular for its large tanks, but this is not the only attraction. The photo below is a corner where you can touch the creatures with your hands. Recently, I see similar corners in aquariums here and there, but this is Okinawa. The color of the sand and the creatures inside are different from aquariums on the mainland.

And a corner that reproduces the sea of ​​coral reefs like Okinawa. It is an aquarium that has become popular for seeing coral spawning all at once.

Churaumi Aquarium is full of attractions.


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