Naha Makishi Public Market Okinawa’s No. 1 Market

Makishi Public Market is located a little south of Naha’s main street, Kokusai Dori.

Mutsumi Bridge Street

Mutsumibashi Street crosses Kokusai Street at the Mutsumibashi intersection. There is an arcade, so I knew immediately. You can go to the public market from Kokusai-dori through Mutsumi-bashi-dori.


Mutsumibashi Street itself is also a very lively street, with souvenir shops, Ryukyu glass shops, and shops selling Kariyushi wear, which can be said to be the Aloha of Okinawa. It’s fun.

Makishi Public Market

The Makishi public market is located on the west side (on the right side when coming from Kokusai-dori), a little further from Mutsumi-bashi-dori. When I say “market,” I imagine it’s something like a fish market or a fruit and vegetable market. ! It was like

Colorful vegetables, fruits, and their processed products will catch your eye. Dry food store seafood. It’s very lively, and it feels like you’ve wandered into a Southeast Asian market.


This is one of the things sold at the market that the children were delighted with. It’s a coconut crab. I’m not a pet. Edible of course. I want to try it, but…it’s expensive and I feel a little sorry for it.


This is the face of the Makishi public market. It’s a pig face. Of course, all kinds of pig parts are sold, including Tebichi. In addition, processed pork products such as soki and rafute are also sold. My family bought a pack of soki. I can’t get my hands on a pig’s face.

Makishi Public Market
Makishi Public Market

And another specialty is tropical fish? Seafood from the waters near Okinawa, including blue parrotfish, are lined up. There is also a giant clam (Is it a giant clam?). The taste is said to be inferior to that of the fish from the northern seas, but if you bring fresh seafood to the cafeteria on the second floor of the market, you can have it cooked on the spot.


In addition to this, my family purchased sea grapes, Okinawa soba, meat miso, etc. You can also put a cold insulator in it, so be sure to check it out before you leave Naha.