Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle and its town offer a fascinating glimpse into Japan’s history and culture. This destination is a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the beauty and tradition of Japan’s castles and historical towns.

Inuyama Castle

Discover Inuyama Castle: A National Treasure

Perched atop a hill overlooking the Kiso River, Inuyama Castle stands as a testament to Japan’s feudal past. It is one of Japan’s oldest original castles, dating back to 1537. This castle is renowned for its wooden construction and the breathtaking panoramic views it offers from its top floor. As a National Treasure of Japan, Inuyama Castle attracts history enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Exploring the Castle Town of Inuyama

Just steps away from the castle, the charming castle town of Inuyama invites visitors to step back in time. The town is lined with traditional shops, old houses, and tea rooms that have preserved their Edo-period atmosphere. Here, visitors can enjoy local delicacies, shop for traditional crafts, and immerse themselves in the rich culture of the area.

Access to Inuyama

Inuyama is easily accessible by direct trains from Nagoya Station. It is a perfect day trip for those exploring the region. This journey takes approximately 30 minutes, connecting visitors to this historical gem in the heart of Japan.

Tours to Inuyama Castle

There are not many package tours available. Half-Day Inuyama Castle and Town Tour with Guide starts from Nagoya Station almost every morning.

If you would like to visit Inuyama on your own schedule or would like to combine your tour with other locations, please contact us. We offer customized tours.

Seasonal Highlights and Events

The changing seasons enhance Inuyama’s beauty, from cherry blossoms in spring to vibrant autumn leaves. The castle and its town host various events throughout the year, including the Inuyama Festival in April, featuring majestic floats and traditional performances.

The actual floats of the Inuyama Festival and karakuri dolls are on display at any time at the museum in the castle town.

Culinary Delights

Visitors should not miss trying Inuyama’s local cuisine. The area is famous for tofu dishes and sweet treats. They offer a unique taste of the region’s culinary heritage.

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