Churaumi Aquarium, The large aquarium of whale sharks impresses you no matter how many times you come

promised Churaumi Aquarium. The tour we took included a free entrance ticket to the Churaumi Aquarium. My wife seems to be getting tired of it (it’s the 4th time anyway), but boys (and I) love it.

Churaumi Aquarium large tank

You can see somersaults of manta rays, and it is still an interesting large tank, but there are many photographs of whale sharks and manta rays.

We recommend the coffee shop on the right side of the large aquarium. The seats in the back are set up right next to the aquarium, and you can enjoy the powerful fish while having a cup of tea.

The second son, who can’t be satisfied without seeing all the exhibits, rushed into the crowd by himself and got lost for a while. My eldest son is quite a camera boy.


And the entertainment for children is not only in the aquarium. Manatee ? No, it’s not, it’s a playground equipment in the aquarium.


The boys turned back into little monkeys and jumped, jumped, and rolled. This will make you tired tonight and sleep soundly.

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