Day trip to Nara

Nara is the ancient capital of Japan. It is located south of Kyoto, and Nara is a perfect destination for a day trip from Osaka or Kyoto. Don’t miss Todaiji Temple Great Buddha stature, wild deer in Nara park, and ancient temples and shrines including Horyuji, Kasuga Shrine, and many others.

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Day trip to Nara from Osaka

There are several day tours available from Osaka to visit Nara. Some of them just visit Nara only, and others combine with the visit to Kyoto. If you have time, it is strongly recommended to take a Nara only trip. There are a lot to see in Nara.

Day trip to Nara from Kyoto

If you are staying in Kyoto, you may visit Nara by yourseof by train. But to cover the most of Nara, it is recommended to take a tour. Public transport in Nara is not necessarily good.

Nara trip from Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo, day tour to Nara is not impossible but not recommended. You should take a 2-day or 3-day tour from Tokyo to visit Nara, many of which actually combine Nara and Kyoto.